"And then.... there are other ways to go about handling your 'affairs'... easy and uncomplicated ways, depending on YOUR individual circumstance and situation"
NOTE - - - Copy and paste each article into a word processor, print, and place in a 3-ring binder for your family - - -

Monday, February 9, 2009

We come to the end

This post today, includes the final two sections in my “Upon My Death” guide. I hope that this guide has been of benefit to you in some small way.

#14...Part 4....Miscellaneous Things To Do

Upon My Death name ______________________

Date prepared ______________________



NOTE: The following are some examples of what you need to include, if the situation fits you. Suggested ideas are also shown.

* All my current bills are located in _____________________. You will need to pay them out of my checking account, as well as any other bills that come within weeks or so after my death.

* I pay quarterly estimated tax to IRS. The estimated tax vouchers are located in _________________________. After my death, at tax time, you will have to file a final time (for me) and declare my death. Any money owing will have to be paid … any money refunded will go equally to all my five children. I have tried to keep a running log for tax time so it will be easy for you to file for me and know what to report and what to claim as itemized deductions. This log is located in ________________________.

Please call my income tax preparer and have him do my taxes for you…he has records of past years he did for me and will help you know what to claim. His name is: __________________, phone ________________ Ask him about filing for me and where a refund check will go.

* I have a storage unit….you will have to keep paying the monthly rent until the unit is empty. It is __________________ Storage, at $ ______________ a month. Unit # ______________, phone __________________.

* I have the following subscriptions and memberships which you need to call and cancel:

____________________________, phone ______________________

____________________________, phone ______________________

____________________________, phone ______________________

When you call, they will stop the subscriptions and memberships and maybe will send you a refund of any issues left for the subscription year. Other places might send a renewal notice for something or other……of course throw it away and things will stop.

* Please, Please delete from my computer, all the personal and legal stuff I have on it (when you no longer need the information). Also empty the recycle bin on my computers desktop after you have deleted these files. ALSO….delete any personal and legal stuff that I have on my flash drives and external hard drive unit.

* Located in ______________________, there is a black metal box. Under the top tray are various envelopes containing money for different expenditures that I have. I would put money into each envelope each month (sometimes) until I needed it.

* Located in ________________, I have kept 2 plastic containers filled with quarters I was saving.

* Give the title to my vehicles to the persons that I have left the vehicles to (either stated in my will, or their name is on the title, along with mine.

* All my genealogy files, notebooks, floppy disks, CD's, and computer files (all pertaining to our family’s genealogy) are a very PRECIOUS THING. They should be kept and someone is to continue where I left off. These records should be handed down from generation to generation within our own family ---given to someone who WILL work on genealogy. Please keep them safe and protected.

* I have also left my “Journal” and my “Life History” writings and those of family members. There are photo albums of ancestors and memento albums from my life These things are also considered a treasured thing to have. They will tell about me and my life to my future generations. I would have given anything to have information like this about my parents and grandparents. Please keep them safe and protected.

* I have many, many books…..give them to anyone in the family who wants them (or donate them to the public library or to Deseret Industries.


The following is a list of my possessions….and who I would like to have them:

* Pertaining to all the family heirlooms from our family on both sides, which are located in __________________________, or on display around my home (they should all have description papers clipped to them or something written on the back or bottom)…. ….Please give them to __________________________________. After my death, put some of my things in the collection.


I only hope that any talent or creativity or interest, that I might have been blessed with….and which I had produced something from…..might be of benefit to my family or someone else, to help them in their life. I would like to think that my existence and journey on earth touched and made a difference in some people’s life.

All that I have……all that I was blessed with….. I acknowledge from the hand of the Lord.

My greatest treasure upon this earth….and into the eternities…..are my wonderful sweet children and grandchildren. I love you all…. with all my heart. I love and appreciate all my other family members…how choice you all are!

Till we hug again, on the other side....

All my love,


#13...Part 3...Urgent To Do

Upon My Death name ____________________

Date prepared ___________________



NOTE: The following are some examples of what you need to include, if the situation fits you. Suggested ideas are also shown.

My Social Security # is________________________

* I am not sure, but I think you might be able to collect a “lump sum death benefit” on me from Social Security. It is about $255. Call the local Social Security Administration office for information. You will need a copy of my death certificate and maybe other ID.

* Call to stop the Pension payments I get. They automatically deposit it into my checking account around the 2nd of each month. Depending on the part of the month I die, you might have to give that month’s payment back to them (so don’t spend any of it until you are sure). Contact the _________________ company, phone ___________________,
Office address is________________. Pension Plan # (or group annuity contract #)___________________.

* Call to stop the Social Security payments I get. They automatically deposit into my checking account around the 3rd of each month. Also, depending on the part of the month I die, you might have to give that month’s payment back to them (so don’t spend any of it until you are sure). The claim # is _________________________. Call the local Social Security Office. AGAIN, THE MORTUARY MIGHT NOTIFY THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION AS A MATTER OF PROCEDURE. CHECK WITH the Mortuary.

* When I turned 65, I qualified for Medicare. The government takes a certain amount out of my Social Security check (towards the medical part) before it is deposited into my checking each month. (You don’t have to do anything about this, as it will all cancel when Social Security is informed of my death). Medicare pays 80% of approved medical bills.

* I also have a Medicare supplement policy with _______________________ company, that pays the 20% that Medicare does not pay, towards my medical and Dr. bills. The company automatically takes the premium out of my checking account about the 10th of each month. Call them to stop the automatic withdrawal. My agents name is________________. Phone __________________. My policy # is: ­­­­­_____________________.

* I also have a “Long-Term Care” policy that will pay for me to be in an assisted living place, or a nursing home. It is through ____________________ company. My Agents name is _________________, phone ________________. Policy # _____________________. The company automatically takes the premium out of my checking account about the 17th of each month. If I am NOT living in one of these facilities at the time of my death….then call my agent and have him stop the automatic withdrawal of premium from my account. If I AM in one of these places when I die, then my policy will have kicked in and the company is paying for my stay there and my premiums will have automatically stopped at that point. Then you only need to call my agent to let him know of my death so that the Company can stop payment to the facility.

* Cancel my vehicle insurance with __________________ company. My agent is _________________, phone ____________. They automatically take the premium out EACH month around the 6th, from my checking account. Depending on when I die and when they take premium out, there might be a refund to you (if you call them soon enough). Everyone who inherits my vehicles will then have to insure them with their own companies.

* The following, is the name and make of my vehicles and the policy # for each:

vehicle______________________ policy #___________________________

vehicle ______________________ policy # __________________________

* Call and cancel my phone services: company: _____________, phone ____________, account #_______________ Tell them to send the final bill to your address, and then pay it out of my checking account.

* Call and cancel my Internet Service Provider, which is _____________ company, phone ______________, customer # _____________________.

* I have a “Medicare Part D” Prescription Drug Plan through the_________________company, member ID # ____________________. They take an automatic withdrawal from my checking account about the 10th of each month for the premium amount. You will need to call them right away and have the withdrawal premium stopped. The customer service phone # is ____________________. My prescription Drug card is located in ______________.

Monday, January 12, 2009

#12...Part 2, Immediate Financial Things

Upon My Death

Date prepared_______________


THE FOLLOWING THINGS ARE FINANCIAL AND HAVE BENEFICIARIES…..SO TAKE CARE OF AS SOON AS YOU RECEIVE DEATH CERTIFICATES FROM THE MORTUARY (Order one certificate for each of you children and about 3 or more for financial and insurance purposes)

NOTE: The following are some examples of what you need to include, if the situation fits you. Suggested ideas are also shown.

My date of birth: ______________

Place of birth: _________________

My Social Security # is:__________________________

* All my important papers are in the _________________________________ (my will, insurance policies, etc.).

* My checking accounts and savings accounts are with_______________________ Bank.

* First, pay all my final bills with the money that is in my checking account. This may take a couple of weeks before the companies send a final bill, you pay it, and it clears the bank. I may have Hospital and Doctor bills, too, depending on my condition at time of death and what Medicare and my Medicare supplement did not pay. If there is not sufficient money in the checking account to cover bills, the remainder will have to come out of other accounts/policies I have.

* My ____________Bank checking account # is: _____________; _________________ is the second owner of the account so he/she can pay any of my bills from it,) The checkbook is located in____________________. More blank checks are located in ________________________.

Note: Any money left over in this checking account, after you are sure all bills are paid, I would like to have divided between my children.

* I have a “Savings” account at ________________ Bank. Account # ____________________ Each month, around the 5th, they automatically take $75.00 out of my main checking account and put it into this savings account. ________________ is the beneficiary.

* My IRA Annuity Policy # is: __________________ It is with _____________________ company, office address is ___________________________. My agents name is ______________, phone ___________. He will instruct you as to what to do.

* My Annuity Policy # is: ____________________ It is with ___________________ company, office address is ___________________. My agents name is ____________, phone _________________.

* There will most likely NOT be an inheritance tax any family member needs to pay on any money left to them. I was told it is only involved in when there is an amount of about one million dollars.

* I have a life insurance policy with _____________________ company. Policy # ________________________. Address ______________________. Phone __________________. My agents name is ___________________. ; ____________ is the beneficiary of the policy because he/she will take the money and use it to pay for all of my Funeral expenses). You will need to send the insurance company an original copy of my death certificate and also my contract (I think). Call them right away and they will instruct you.

any money left over from this policy after paying my funeral expenses, I would like to have divided up and an equal portion going to each of my grandchildren.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

#11...Funeral Service Program

What I would like put on the funeral service program paper:


1…I would like the attached photo of me to be put on the front cover.

2…I would like the attached poem put on the back.

3…Program details: _____________________________

Comments/talks by my children or others: _____________________________

Songs by _______________

Prayers by ____________________

Dedication of Grave by ______________

#10....Photo for obituary

This is the photo I would like to be used with my obituary notice:

(attach desired photo here)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

#9....Obituary Notice

My Obituary Notice For Newspapers


(name)_____________________ passed away (date)______________in (place)

__________________of (illness)_________________.

He/She was born on (date)_____________ in (place)_______________ to

(father)______________and (mother’s maiden name)_________________.

He/She married ___________ of (place)__________, on (date)____________ in (place)_______________.

write about accomplishments, etc.

He/She is survived by ……..

He/She is preceded in death by ……….

Viewing will be………

Funeral will be held ………

Burial will be at……….

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#8.....Part 1, Funeral Arrangements

Upon My Death name ________________________

Date prepared _______________



NOTE: Because everyone is different as to what they want for their funeral, decide about yours and write them all down, with any necessary explanations.


* Right after I pass away, call the Mortuary …. Phone #____________. The address is _________________ . Ask them to come for my body and give them any other necessary information they ask.

I would like the “Full Service Graveside Service” package …. Around $2400.

Casket…..a very inexpensive one, PLEASE. (with light blue material inside, if possible). NO sealed casket …the lowest cost for unsealed caskets (in steel) are about $1200

Vault… which is a container that is put into the open ground into which is lowered the casket. I want a cement vault….NOT Sealed. Get the lowest priced cement vault, around $800.


Flowers on casket….all different natural colored daisies only (not spray colored)… with greenery

* I would like a single 2 hour private family day viewing at the Mortuary… on day of burial only, and a private family graveside service. No church service. No service at the mortuary. No viewing the day before the burial.

* I have written out my obituary (in this booklet)…give it and the photo I chose, to the mortuary. The mortuary will make arrangements to have it put in any newspaper you want. Have it put in the ___________________papers. Mortuary will also make arrangement to have a radio announcement if you desire.

The mortuary will notify Social Security about my death

After you have the date and time of viewing and burial, call (see below) one person from each main family, of my death and give them the funeral information …ask that family person (below) to notify all their other respective family members. This will make it easier on you.

___________ side...name____________________phone_______________

___________ side...name ___________________ phone_______________

___________ side...name____________________phone______________


* Burial will be in the _______________ Cemetery, address __________________. I will be buried next to my husband (we have the double headstone). It is amazing how much of the details that the mortuary takes care of. They try to make it as easy for the family as possible. Have the mortuary take care of arranging that my death date be inscribed on the headstone.

* Pallbearers...I would like: ___________________________________________

* I would like ___________________________ to give the “family prayer” at the mortuary just before the closing of the casket.

* I would like ___________________________________to speak at my funeral.

* I would like the following music: __________________________________________

* I would like __________________________________ to offer the “dedication of the grave” at the cemetery.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

#7...Contents of this binder

Prepared date _______________


“UPON MY DEATH” ---- I, ______________________ have previously prepared this binder to emotionally help in all the preparations and business matters that will be necessary after my death. I have gone over these instructions carefully, so as to cover every conceivable item that needs to be taken care of. I have done this out of love and consideration for my family…to help somewhat in lifting a burden for them at a difficult time in their life.

There are 4 parts to this binder:

Part 1…”My funeral arrangements”, as per my desire and request. Also included is an obituary notice and photo for newspapers.

Part 2…”Immediate financial things to take care of”. Also, a paper stating my important “legal” information, a copy of my “Last Will and Testament”, a copy of “General Power of Attorney”, and a copy of my medical “Living Will”.

Part 3…”Urgent things to take care of right after the funeral”.

Part 4…”Miscellaneous things to do after the urgent things”, such as bills and my belongings.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

#6...Important Legal Information

Important “Legal” Information For _________________

Date prepared _______________

NOTE: the following information is used only as an example because everyone’s situation is different.

I have a “Will”, but the only assets I have, have all been taken care of with beneficiary names on them or in the case of vehicles…a second name. So even though I have a will, it has no bearing on the dispersion of my estate, other than it states that ______________ should have certain possessions of mine. All my children have a copy of my will. As stated in my will, ONLY the original shall be my will, and the original is located in __________________.

I, ______________, have appointed __________________, as Power of Attorney for me, to do legal things and also involving decisions of anything financial with my accounts. The legal paper is called “General Power of Attorney”(with Durable Provision). The above named person, _____________, has the original copy.

I, ________________ have made out a “Living Will”, and have appointed ______________, as my agent, to make medical treatment decisions for me while I am still alive but not able to speak for myself. The legal paper is called “Special Power of Attorney”. The above named person, ____________, has the original copy of the agent part.

On my checking accounts, I have arranged with the _________________Bank, for ________________, to be able to write checks for me to pay my bills, in the event that I am not able to do so while I am still alive.


Signed ____________________

Friday, October 10, 2008

#5...Letter to your children, as part of your binder


Dear Family,

I believe in advanced preparation when it comes to the matter of “putting our affairs in order.” We never know when it will be our time to leave this life.

So I have made you all copies of my “Upon My Death”, as I call it. This binder has been initially prepared for __________, because he/she will have to handle most of the preparations, and I wanted to help make it easier for him/her. But I wanted all of you to have a copy so that you will all know of my requests, what is involved, and what will happen.

Perhaps this guide can help to give you ideas in your own preparations.

Now that I have let you know what these pages are all about…..I don’t want you to be upset. As of today I feel just fine and am not aware of any major problems with my health.

I love you all very much,


Date prepared __________

Sunday, October 5, 2008

#4...Binder cover sheet

Upon The Death Of


Things my family need to know and take care of when I die

A Guide…of What to Include

#3...A General Information Form

General Information for:


Date prepared ___________________________

Current residence __________________________________________________

Date of birth ______________ Place of birth ____________________________

Name of my spouse ________________________ living_____ deceased ____

Names of my children:

____________________ phone _______ address ___________________________

____________________ phone _______ address ___________________________

____________________phone _______ address ___________________________

____________________phone _______ address ___________________________

____________________phone _______address ____________________________

Names of other living close relatives:

_____________________phone _______address ___________________________

_____________________phone _______ address ___________________________

Church affiliation _____________________________________________________

I have a will _____ I DO NOT have a will ________

Who to contact in case of an emergency:

Name________________ phone _________ relationship ______________________

Name _______________ phone __________relationship _______________________

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

#2....the other ways

In my situation, I have no property other than older model vehicles. I have no other real assets, aside from money, so my so called estate is easy to manage.

But there are so many other little things to think about and consider when “getting our affairs in order”; tiny things we would not even contemplate.

So based on that, I share with you what I have compiled for my family, so that they will know how to proceed and take care of the “little things” after I am gone...things that otherwise they might not even have an inkling about.

I recommend printing out all the information that I will share and putting each page into acid free sheet protectors and then into a binder for your family.

Friday, September 26, 2008

#1...Setting up a Will, or something similar

A Will states to whom you would like your possessions, assets, etc. to go to. It names a person of your choice to be your executor…the person who will handle the legal and financial matters that are necessary to close out your estate and affairs.

There are forms you can obtain (even on the internet) whereby you can do this...or...you may make an appointment with a lawyer. I have a Will.

Some people have their estate planning done with what is called a “Trust” or “Family Trust”. I do not know the particulars of that method.

And then....there are other ways to go about handling your “affairs”...legal, easy and uncomplicated ways, depending on YOUR individual circumstance and situation. And that is what I will share on this blog.